Controversy over wedding photograph

The leading organization representing professional photographers of Australia has apologized to one of their members after they accused him on Facebook of using professional actors to set up a marriage photograph to enter in a contest. In fact, the newly married couple who featured in the snap outside the Sydney’s Luna Park were actually actors.

People probably have seen the couple – bride Stephanie Delaney and groom Anthony Harkin – in different stage productions. But the couple had genuinely got married and were hamming it up for a snap on their marriage day when Jonas Peterson, a photographer, snapped them in the year 2010.

Therein lies yet another problem that has scarred Australian Institute of Professional Photography Queensland awards this year, handed out at a ceremony on Monday night in Brisbane. The snap in question was clicked in 2010, around 6 months outside the 2 year cut off date mentoned in the competition’s rules.

Jonas, a Brisbane based photographer who covers marriages both in Australia as well as overseas, stated that he had not read the contest’s rules in their entirety and that he had made a mistake by offering an old snap that was  actually not eligible for the awards. Jonas was stripped of the Queensland’s Wedding Photographer of the Year title on Tuesday, one day after the event.

But he told that he was not ready for the accusations that were posted on Australian Institute of Professional Photography’s Facebook page by national president Kylie Lyons which suggested that he might have cheated.


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