Florian Schulz: a conservationist and wildlife photographer

Florian Schulz love two things. First things p- he loves wildlife photography; and second – he is equally dedicated to preserving wildlife habitat. His passions took him to the Arctic adventure where he spent around 18 months in search of magnificent pictures documenting life in each season. Now the result of his adventure is the book named “To the Arctic” that is the companion to IMAX film of the same name.

In order to click the best pictures, Florian camped on Arctic’s frozen ocean.  He also took services of a very experienced pilot who was able bank the plane at the right angle to get the perfect shot and also pull out just in right time to avoid disaster.

Schulz now has an ongoing program called – “Freedom to Roam,” that seeks to preserve the wildlife corridors. He told that keeping habitat connected, mainly with a changing weather where species are going in elevation and also north. It is the single most important effort if they want to keep biodiversity around.

Florian Schulz was there in St. Louis to talk at an event that was sponsored by St. Louis Zoo, the Academy of Science – St. Louis as well as the Alaska Wilderness League.  Florian was Steve Potter’s guest at the “Cityscape” to talk about his conservation efforts, photography and his Arctic and Freedom to Roam programs.


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