Museum to host presidential photography

Dealey Plaza’s Sixth Floor Museum will show the work of presidential photographers in a very special exhibit event called – The American President: Photographs from the Archives of The Associated Press. The exhibit will start from 18th Aug. And will go on till 27th Oct.

The American President features seventy-one snaps clicked by Associated Press photographers over the last hundred years. There are 7 pictures of President John F. Kennedy – from his arrival at Democratic National Convention in the eyar 1960 to his coffin in US Capitol rotunda.

A highlight of the event includes Paul Vathis’ Pulitzer Prize-winning snap of Kennedy consulting gravely with Dwight D. Eisenhower at Camp David following Bay of Pigs invasion in the year 1961.

The American President event has been touring libraries, universities and museums throughout the US since 2012. The exhibit, which is now on the tour, was fixed up by Smith Kramer Traveling Exhibitions of Kansas City.
The Sixth Floor is arranging the event as part of its commemoration of 50th anniversary of the assassination of Kennedy on 22nd Nov, 1963.

The United States President is included with paid admission to Sixth Floor Museum that is US$ 16 for adults, US$ 14 for seniors aged 65 and over, US$ 13 for youth aged 6 to 18, and US$ 5 for children. To know more, you can call at 214-747-6660 or you can visit Sixth Floor Museum is at 411 Elm Street.


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