Buying Digital SLR Cameras

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  1. Nice British accent and off course nice info. thanks

  2. NIkon or Cannon, Sony, Pentax, or Sigma, what about Olympus? they make great cameras too!

  3. CopperBoomDrats

    Really helpful for a newbie!

  4. check my channel for a review on a dslr for those searching for the best dslr camera to get! 😀

  5. what do you make of micro four thirds cameras such as the lumix G3?

  6. Have always enjoyed photography…the things I will surely get once I get a job!

    Thanks much for your sincere videos. 🙂

  7. pooh1234567890

    This vid actually gives good advice unlike a lot on ebay!

  8. Don’t forget the tripod.

  9. I’d like to ask about uv skylight filter or what the name ever was.. I got myself one just to protect the lens. Do you think it might like “ruin” you pictures or make them somehow worse than without it because i really want to be careful with my camera but also get good shots with it. I’m kind of new with cameras and sorry if my english isn’t the best.

  10. where can i buy a cheap one ?because i don’t have a lot of money

  11. LiquidChromez

    i love lens flares tho

  12. what stop was that graduated ND filter? 🙂

  13. glennskitchen

    Superb video - very informative. You are an excellent presenter – thank you.

  14. welcome2angelasworld

    great video!

  15. Thanks a lot Sir .. 🙂

  16. There’s a bunch of videos by a channel called DigitalRev and they review a bunch of third-party lenses like those. However, they mainly conclude that those are really just “budget” lenses and you’ll get “budget” quality from them. Their test shots only go to prove their point. If you’re serious about buying a telephoto, or a macro, or a wide-aperture lens, or whatever you’re going to get, you’re much better off saving your money and getting a proprietary lens.

  17. Look into Nikon, they usually have great results in low light. I got my hands on a D3100, which is an entry-level DSLR. However, it’s got all the features you’re talking about. Image Stabilization is built into the lens, it has Live view, 1080p video recording, in-camera image editing/white balance, and it’s reasonably compact. It does have a hotshoe for an external flash and a port for a remote shutter, and it has basically no noise at ISO 3200. I totally recommend it. Good luck!

  18. The best information ive seen so far, Thanks.

  19. antonioreyes1987

    Great vid!

  20. Hi, Can you help me? I want to buy new dslr camera and i’m a beginner.

    can you suggest dslr camera that mostly have this specs?

    Image stabilization
    Live view LCD
    Color control (especially flesh tones)
    Low noise at high ISO settings
    Image noise reduction for slow shutter speeds
    Remote shutter release
    Small size and low weight
    Extended dynamic range
    Lots of external flash options

    please reply. thank you. =)

  21. sidlawyer2008

    Mr. Mike, as for the lenses, which would you suggest between Sigma, Tamron and Tokina and why ?

  22. great video..A++ thnx….more videos…

  23. Good to see you making more videos!

  24. Hi John – we started filming the flash series last week. visit our site photographycourses dot biz for more info on the videos we’ve shot, have planned and when we launch them. Cheers Mike

  25. Thank you – visit our site (link is on our chanel page) for more info about what’s coming. If you sign up to the mailing list we’ll send you free tips and keep you up to date on the video launch. Mike