Canon PowerShot Elph 300 HS 1080p Outdoors Test

Electronic Camera Rank Video Score: four / five

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  1. Sweet Jesus I can’t wait to get this camera!!! O:

  2. Watching in hd just makes you feel like your really there. this camera aint even 200 dollars and it shoots like a 400 dollar camera damn! 

  3. TheSuperPokemanz


  4. Elph 300hs is the best in its class for the price!

  5. This camera or the Sony DSC-WX7?

  6. HughesDere8587

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  7. I just bought this camera last week. However, is the Canon PowerShot Digital ELPH SD1400 IS better than this one?

  8. escobarstatus

    I just picked up this camera from best buy, any tips for me? I don’t know much about cameras

  9. I’m a proud owner of a Canon ELPH 300 HS as well. I’ve had it for no more than 2 hours and I love it!

  10. Ipod1Reviewer

    nice view…

  11. WhatIsConsciousness

    And then you came?

  12. Hello my name is philip and i do videos about tech;p I did a full in-depth review for this camera and it would be great if you could take a moment to visit my channel and view that video;)
    Thanks anyway

  13. Looked AMAZING then I switched it to 1080p

  14. algebraparish

    do you recommend getting this camera for videos alone? cause the qaulity is amazing!

  15. Hey I Was Wondering How Did you rendering this ino its1080p buh everytime i do it it loses quality?? or what program you use to edit the footage PLZ I NEED THIS!!!

  16. i though i was already in 1080p!

  17. Can anyone help me , i just got this camera , and i have Vegas Pro and i wanna use the same quality that the camera can do for my videos ,
    if anyone knows a video , or the right stuff for it thanks ,
    Message me (:
    Great camera by the way its very nice(:

  18. black!!!

  19. should i get it in silver or black??

  20. Couldn’t have picked a better day for “test” footage. No clouds. I tried filming Christmas lights at night recently, and it didn’t come out good at all. Maybe I’m not using right camera setting?

  21. I bought this camera just for the HD video alone; however, when recording videos, the sound is extremely low. In my previous camera (Canon Powershot SD 770IS) straight out the box it recorded audio very well but, I am not able to get the sound to a reasonable level on this camera. Can you offer any assistance regarding the audio when recording videos?

  22. samhomevideos

    holy shit thats beautiful!

  23. TheMooshiMooshies

    1:09, please slip! pleeeeease slip! haha