Canon PowerShot S100 Digital Camera Review

Electronic Digicam Rank Video clip Rating: four / 5

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  1. Apart from zoom/AF/IS noises, does anyone find that the S100’s recorded audio is generally very noisy ? I’m wondering if it’s only my camera or if all S100s suffer from this but the noise/hiss is very loud when I playback the video (much worse than my Canon Powershot 100HS which only cost 150$. No one seems to mention this noise/hiss as being an issue so I’m thinking the camera I ordered might have a manufacturing defect. Any input regarding the S100’s audio noise is greatly appreciated!

  2. nice…

  3. Why nobody talked about the video capabilities? At this point and time People dont care about the pictures any more.

    does this ring can control the focus during video recoding?

  4. best review I’ve ever seen.

  5. can u really shout film with the light on ?

  6. This or the sony hx20v?

  7. Flicker got a S100 lens issue thread going, Canon have provided replacements or repairs, but this is 4th gen and should be better. I really want one of these and am used to owning bulletproof ( but not dustproof) G series. Thanks very much for providing a detailed report of this camera. Phones like the HTC X1 offer a compelling alternative to P&S, so Canon would be wise to sort this out quickly.

  8. photographerjonathan

    after 2 weeks my S100 froze, it said lens error, canon took a couple weeks to fix it, it seems ok now, but as far as performance, to many shots not 100% in focus when not in daylight, also the flash is only 3 step, no TTL, and it never seems to be at the right level, and it is harsh, and the f2 changes really fast when zooming, so at night I find myself unable to zoom because it gets to dark to fast, and the battery doesn’t last long enough, in 2012 i expect canon to have a better focus like OMD

  9. theinhumanoidz69

    hows the battery life

  10. This is definitely my next camera!

  11. 3 months? It’s got a twelve month warranty, they should have fixed or replaced it. If they’ve done that within their usual 2 weeks then all’s good.Your initial statement should have been supported with more information.

  12. lens do not retract 🙁 after 3 months

  13. What kind of error?


  15. This one, Canon Powershot S100, or a Canon PowerShot ELPH / Ixus????

  16. does this camera only go to F.8.0?????

  17. Can you please tell me how long do you think the battery lasts? I’m going to a 4 plus hour concert.

  18. Would you consider this as the best point & shoot currently? and if not, which ones beat it? thank you!

  19. Your s100 didn’t capture “clicking” sounds in video mode?? Mine does. Not sure why.

  20. I was thinking of buying this camera, but £400 wow. No chance, I prefere it to be about the £180 price mark. Cameras are getting so expensive, after you have bought a camera it drops in value. They go old so quickly!!

  21. Good review and conclusions. However, cams can not be reviewed inside. they have to be taken out and about. the example shots at the beginning of the reviews are just… well….

  22. whew thanks, was reading somewhere it said it only shoots jpeg.

  23. Yes it can :D