Canon PowerShot S95 Digital Camera Review

Digital Camera Rank Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. PayneBarry8965

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    Customer Reviews:

    Almost 3D like effect. Works in low-light conditions. 28mm-105mm lens adjustment. Very easy to take photographs – instant response. Great Video taking capability!

    Product Description
    Canon Powershot S95 Digital Camera

    Canon’s PowerShot S95 Digital Camera puts you in the driver’s seat with this Italian sports car of a compact …
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  2. MendozaWalt8118

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    Product Description
    Canon PowerShot S95 Digital Camera

    This Kit Includes:1) Canon PowerShot S95 Digital Camera 2) 4GB SecureDigital SDHC Memory Card3) High Capacity Replacement Lithium-Ion Battery4) USB 2.0 SecureDigital (SDHC) Card Reader 5) Carrying Case6) Table Top Tripod More about the camera: Canon’s PowerShot S95 Digital Camera puts you in the driver’s …
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  3. cameradealcatcher

    I do like Canon for they manufacture among the Best Cameras and competition is great you should also look at others to get the features you need…I do like the issues he is behind and the only guy who is making sense in the economic privitetation of the world by the republications…

  4. I didn’t learn anything about the camera these people are morons

  5. im a newbie in digi cams. can someone tell me is this a good camera for making movie o short clips?

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  8. That’s not how IS work, you need turn on your flash and put your shutter speed to 1/200 sec. Then that stupid blond will be sharp.


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  12. RandomGuyWeird

    How is this camera for depth of field shots?

  13. KlaXonDenmark

    Horrible hosts, no information on camera – balanced out by the best rack on youtube -:}

  14. ScottJamesLewisNJ

    canon cheap S@#$T

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  16. Nice boobies. Great review!

  17. I don’t think the blonde knows that her moving around like a dumbass cannot be corrected by IS. The IS merely gives you an extra stop of figurative light or so to work with. A low shutter speed is mandatory to test the IS in low light and here moving made it appear that the IS wasn’t doing it’s job but it was really due to her moving during the slow shutter.

    Stupid people.

  18. ONIProductionsLtd

    That is not what Image Stabilization is for -.-‘ these guys can entertain, but CAN’T review cameras really xP

  19. I’m torn between buying the digital camera panasonic dmc lumic LX5 and Canon PowerShot S95.. Can you help? thanks

  20. 3.8

  21. TheAppleMicrosoft

    im guessing this has no zoom??!!

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  23. I got this camera for $3.90 on Lockerz(.)com using my PTZ :]

  24. What a waste of space that blonde idiot is.
    Why is she even there?
    At least the guy seems to know something. but her dancing around like a monkey doesnt help the reviewer trying to demonstrate IS

  25. F3FisGoodforYou

    …and they are paid to do that… fuck my life.