Canon PowerShot SX230 HS Optical and Digital Zoom Test 4

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  3. TheAntonioPinto

    the auto focus is impressive

  4. 5*

  5. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice zoom. I have Canon Ixus 220 HS absolute love it but looking for better more zoom

  6. What nobody seems to care about but what is fantastic in this Canon Powershot: the SUPERB quality of the crystal clear stereo sound!

  7. gonna buy it very soon, or maybe wait for sx240?

  8. can you stop in one scene and go to the next?

  9. WrightKyle5464


    Product Description

    Building on the success of the SX220 HS, the PowerShot SX230 HS hasloads to offer, including a 14x optical zoom and a built-in GPSreceiver.This stylish, compact camera is suitable for use in awide range of environments.Plus, it’s comfortable to grip and use,thanks to its Smart Auto mode.
    For more details please copy the Amazon link above in your browser

  10. destinygodley


  11. and a bundle with a shutterbug scrapbook a a 4gb sdcard a battery and case for 219!!!

  12. Car spotting in random videos: white Maserati Gran Turismo (at the beginning)!

  13. hi:D I am new here on youtube and I bought this camera. Unforchanutly when I transported my videos onto my pc it wouldn’t show. How did you get your videos in HD and how did you transport them on to your computer?

  14. guys best buy .com sale 199$

  15. @ 1:32 I thought my right ear was deaf.

  16. I do not understand Japanese, but after seeing only two of your videos I have decided to subscribe. arigato.

  17. I want this cam !

  18. 勁呀 !!

  19. gees wow i thought it stopped but then it kept going!!, i got ixus 960IS, dam need more zoom, may get the newly announced 1100HS which has 12X or maybe this which has 14x i believe

  20. shitty quality. buy sony hx100v !!!

  21. superearthbender

    Wow. Good to be able to accept when your camera just isn’t as awesome. :O
    Newegg has a deal on it… now I really want it! Crap.

  22. wow , this camera is very impressive

  23. TinyPlasticSubmarine

    カメラのズームは印象的ですね。 然し、騒音公害は我慢出来ません。 xD