Canon PowerShot SX40 Digital Camera Review

Digital Camera Rank Movie Ranking: four / five

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  1. lawnboyinthehood1980

    Get fucked this is the worst review ever he’s a fucking idiot and she’s a retard with a set of tits .

  2. uppermostking02

    I mean seriously what kind of producer would let this go on the internet and a show . honestly I think they should apologize to us and the people that made the camera for such a bad review but otherwise looking at the camera in knowing the specs of the camera is pretty awesome a must die

  3. uppermostking02

    I’m really not impressed with this preview at all the host of the show they keep talking about themselves in less about the camera this is a very poor quality in a host if I was the producer of the show I would fire both of them on the spot I mean seriously they’re not active professional at all that shows to me that they are not dedicated to the work or what there doing

  4. My goodness what a load of tripe. Great camera rubbish review

  5. andersonmontes

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  6. redvalleyjohn

    annoying review


  7. I’m not wasting another 10 minutes just to get to the subject. seeya!

  8. IceYourPimpHand

    What the fuck is with this desperate show?

  9. you both are stupid!!!!!you talk so much…

  10. Hey I watch your show all the time..and I am so excited that you have a youtube channel as Well..Hey I need to know something was this camera recalled this past week?? A website that talked me into i buying the nikon which i am not satisfied with and i want to return it.I orginally ordered the canon and called to returnit and they told me canon has a recall??

  11. I was watching grace videos for all the afternoon, so i thought “ok let’s stop seeing this crazy bitch, i want search something about my new camera.”
    And here she is, even reviewing my camera, this is so cute!

  12. can the you edit the fish eye lens so it looks more like a globe like the professional camera fish eye lens???

  13. this has a fish eye lense built into the the camera!!!

  14. She sucks in general, sorry.

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  16. IceYourPimpHand

    WOW, I’ve never been more uncomfortable watching something like this…..
    Why don’t they just review the camera? They’re jokes almost make me want to click onto another video.

  17. juleseyjules24

    This felt kinda awkward to watch haha

  18. I love Grace and Chris. Glad I found this video also, I want to buy that camera

  19. Im not really a fan of grace… 🙁 sorry

  20. JimCharlesTroy

    theirs must be the best job ever!

  21. Haha, no they’re not (:

  22. I love the sound she makes at 537 !!! Also the i feel like a plug part !!!!


  23. I love you Grace!!!!

  24. awesome, Chris Hardwick does Grace Face! Can ya hear the *ding*

  25. Grace!!! I hope you have great success in life…BYEEE