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Oct 16

Remembering James Barnor, the First Man Who Saw Ghana Differently Through His Camera

It was in the hands of James Barnor that the women of Ghana found a place on the British Magazines’ covers.

He, through his photography, presented a saga of the changing fashion of Ghana that was approaching towards its liberty. Presently, aged 87, his works are now being showcased in a London Gallery as well as in Instagram.

It was during 1947, Mr. Barnor started working, and he made up his studio in Jamestown district of Accra in 1950. That time he took photos of the local native people and subsequently received the press’ commission.

While he was shooting in the country, it was going through some major changes in the fields of music and fashion inspired by the modern world and its innovations. He went to UK and started working with the Drum, a South African magazine.

For this magazine, he shot many images and along with this he made his own brand inclusive of documentary photographs. The pictures that he used during his work in UK played a pivotal role to make a place for black models in the British Media. Continue reading →

May 15

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Apr 15

Photographer shares his knowledge of the with students

Art Maines is quite popular across town for taking snaps at the Clyde High School and Harvest Temple Christian Academy sporting programs. Well, he is a self-taught man who has spent several hours learning how to get the best snaps from his camera, and now he is portioning out what he has learned via the newly-found Clyde Photography Club.

Maines told that he would see people at sporting events which had cameras and did not know how to use those things. He believed that he would like to put a club together, so that he talked to Jill McCullough at the library. He believes that the people that have come up so far have been learning something.

He has been quite interested in taking pictures since getting his very first camera as a Christmas present years ago. When the digital photography came, his interest has gone up. He told that this is just something that he always relished doing. When it went from film to strips to digital, one could really get into it. Continue reading →

Apr 15

Fujifilm Finepix T350 digital camera – Video test – 720p – in hand, 10x optical zoom

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Mar 15

What Digital Camera mag test 6 compact cameras under £200

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Feb 15

Ogden photography fest concentrates on bringing out the static image

In an attempt to expose Ogden community to photography’s art form, Whitespace art gallery is arranging the first ever Focus Fest on 6th February.

Whitespace founder and manager Scott Patria told that the festival is meant to work as a bridge between the Sundance and Banff fests.

Patria told that they are attempting to make folks aware of both an art form and venues. There is a critical mass here of galleries and organizations they want to get people to see them. The Focus Fest would take place in conjunction with First Friday Art Stroll and is bought at by Only in Ogden. A grant from Ogden City Arts is also making the festival possible.

Only in Ogden owner Bryan Smith said that photography has a way of shining the light on the community in a way it might not have been shined before. Smith told that Only in Ogden was attracted to the whole idea of sponsoring Focus Fest because of how involved the business is with the community as it associates to photographic imagery. Continue reading →

Feb 15

Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera

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Jan 15

Samsung WB200F Smart Digital Camera

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Dec 14

Travel Photographer Awards honors world’s most gritty images

Photographs of the rock churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia and Namibia’s Himba tribe got Philip Lee Harvey the title of Travel Photographer of the Year 2014 from a pack of entries which capture Earth both at its most brutal and majestic. While the subjects of Lee are hardly original, the judges admitted that the way the Brit photographer clicked the snaps in his two sets of 4 snaps was striking, beautiful and elegant.

On behalf of the jury, a statement said that they the two sets of snaps are shot in different styles, the Lalibela portfolio utilizes the portrait format to reveal the depth of rock-hewn churches as well as this is felicitated by the photographer’s angle of view in this difficult lighting. The portrait shots of Himba woman are lovely in their detail and they are limited color palette, securing the tribal patterns and shapes in strong compositions.

Harvey’s honor was the acme of a host of honors, that includes Young Travel Photographer of the Year that was handed to seventeen year old Samuel Fisch from Bronx in New York City. Fisch’s series of colored pictures of seemingly everyday objects where panoramic landscapes would be the more conventional selection on Venetian island of Burano in Italy.

He has captured the scents of the place quite elegantly whilst staying away from the obvious boats and canals to make a clean, cohesive portfolio, said the awards’ judges. Joshua Holko’s (Australia) winning image in the Wild and Vibrant category captures the magnificent moment a polar bear looks up while consuming a recent kill, its bloodied face as well as the deep red-colored carcass of a seal standing out vividly against the white fur and snow.

Dec 14

Action Camera Group Test 2014

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