Digital Camera Review: Low Light Photo and Video

Digital Camera Rank Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. I am using a Panasonic GH2 micro four thirds camera now. It is pretty much the best hybrid camera money can buy.

  2. 310thegame228

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  3. The Canon G12 goes from F2.8-F4.5. That is ok for outdoor use but not really great for any indoor use without using the flash. Personally I like the Canon S95 or the Olympus XZ-1 as a pocket camera. Both of those cameras offer faster lenses. The S95 is smaller than the XZ-1 but the XZ-1 has a much faster lens. Both of them take great HD video as well.

  4. When your talking about the Aperture you say a camera with less than a 2.8 are often referred to as fast glass lens. So does this mean that The Canon Powershot G12 does not qualify as a fast glass lens.
    Also is this a good camera or would you go with a different one I love the looks and the video but a want a good all-a-round camera. Please help I want a camera really bad but I can’t figure out which one…I would love to hear an answer Thank you so much*:) I like your videos(:*

  5. About 5:00 there is a skipped section which deletes some interesting information …
    just before the water scene … all in all informative. I looked the EP1 up on Amazon …
    I’d like to know the author’s opinion of the Casio EXILM and cheaper versions.

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  9. tnx for this video!!

  10. @mpgxsvcd I was trying to look for nex VG-10 and always end up on your video..well I watched them anyway, good info indeed
    Just not what I was looking for in the vid tags

  11. 5 star

  12. Thanks for the video, very good indeed….

  13. samsungimaging

    thank you for the video!

  14. 5 stars video

  15. Great video, audio is a bit low. 5 stars none the less.

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  18. I am going for a GF1, thanks for the videos!!!

  19. wongsmokesbong

    a nice and succinct video…great for beginners (will make my mum watch it…..)

  20. Great job, will explain most issues to new users who often complain of crappy video quality from these cameras.