Digital Camera vs. Zoom H2

Electronic Digicam Rank Video clip Score: 4 / five

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  1. Thank you, this video help me a lot!

  2. hey just wondering if you could tell me your settings on the zoom h2 and where it was placed during recording? Thanks!

  3. i feel the same way about my 13″ aa fusion hats…. way too bright

  4. I bought the H2 a few days ago to record my drums cause my camera mic sounds crappy. I didn´t compare them in my video but the H2 sounds waaay better.

  5. amishrockstar

    they are AAX Metal Hats 13″ super super super BRIGHT hats. Honestly I dont like them that much anymore lol.

  6. What kind of hats do you use?

  7. uumm… theres not much of a difference. I mean the zoom has obviously better range but in terms of clarity its about the same a freaking digital camera. -_-

  8. amishrockstar

    Hi! Yes, I used the comp 3 setting with LOW sensitivity. Recording level was probably around 40 (if i remember right, its been a while). Then I just used the H2’s normalize function to bring the level up. I may have used Audacity to tweak the volume some more, but that would have been all i did. No effects were put on the recording.

  9. hey mate,u were using comp3 settings,what about sensitivity, (l,m,h,..) and did you add any sort of effects on pc to improve the drum sound..
    thank’s for you answer fella

  10. can you record 4 channels with 2 channels coming from internal mic and the other 2 channels from an external input?

  11. ManupMedia507

    I made a cover using the Zoom H2 check it out on my channel

  12. I dont know about the mics but I DO like your drumming . Rock on dude!! i just got a Rode stereo video mic for my hdc sd700 camera. Seems quite good.

  13. Zoom H2

  14. Forget Zoom H2, you are a great drummer!!! Regards from Brazil.


  16. nice chops

  17. dickcheese663

    well, the bass drum was better in the H2, symbols were not soo long lasting

  18. humansinunison

    what levels did you set the h2 to for

  19. I just recorded myself with my camera and mic. Put the recording over the video sound in windows movie maker, and move it until the sound matches the playing.

  20. @UkeOfEarl Thanks man, yeah I realized the sound volume difference when I put the video up. When I record with the h2, I typically put it on a low recording level and then normalize it back up. But the camera i was using here always recorded pretty loud and harsh (for drums at least imo), so maybe that has something to do with it, Im not totally sure.

  21. so how to put sound and film together? how did you do that?

  22. your definitly a technician.. hehe im looking for a job to buy one when i travel to the united

  23. your definitly a technicia n

  24. JustMeAndMrGuitar

    thats it, I’m buying one! 😛
    and nice drumming bro! 😀

  25. christ, i love your drumming and your drumset! i kinda forgot what this video was all about ! 🙂