Fuji Finepix F300 EXR Digital Camera Review

Digital Digital camera Rank Online video Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. PC World sell it for £99.98!

  2. Rain4Life2009

    I am planning to sell this camera for $120, The camera works perfectly fine, and it is in good condition.

  3. Hi, am looking to buy this camera, i love macro photography and was wondering how good the macro feature is on this camera? thanks!

  4. Exact start up time?

  5. oXTwaciiDaTreeXo

    when the light on the charger is off its finished charging… just read the manual =]

  6. hi! i just got the camera. how do you know when the battery has finish charging? when the light shuts off?

  7. im gettin this for my birthday

  8. Betwen this camera and the Samsung WB600 which one would you choise? (at the same price)

    Thank you for your time

  9. Dont get it! Get the F550EXR!

  10. No mic input on this, you would have to use something like a linear PCM recorder and edit your sound in later on a computer.

  11. Great review. Looking seriously at this camera. I have always wanted zoom in the video with a pocket camera while traveling. However , the lens motor sound seems to show up heavily in the video in other reviews that I have seen. Is there a way around that? Perhaps an outside mic like the Sony that you used?

  12. Glad it worked so well for you.

  13. thanks for the review. I badly needed a quick camera before i go on my hol today, and that review sold it to me. Took some pics, yes flash is a negative where its located, otherwise good balance of colour contrast especially in low light, wide zoom lens, Brilliant little camera. Cheers

  14. DownGrand1967

    Excellent review. I have owned an F300 EXR for three months, and use it mainly for the HD video function. One oddity I have discovered is that when videoing relatively quiet scenes the sound often drops out until louder noises intrude and the audio comes back again. If videoing ‘noisy’ scenes the mike continues to pick up the sound, even if zoom is used. Anyone else found this to be the case ?

  15. Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it.

  16. Amazing review and camera. The flash position is the only thing I see wrong; but not something I’d be too fussed about. Also a view finder seems superfluous with such a decent size screen. Anyway, after checking out this review I am off to get one of these little gems….I should add what really sold it for me was the inclusion of an HD video feature. Fabulous!

    Thanks to the reviewer for doing such an excellent job.

  17. drummerkid1993

    It can’t cost that much more to stick in 1GB internal memory. It would be useful for those times you forget to take the SD card as I have done on more than one occasion.

  18. pcgamerguy1234

    cool review , i just bought a new camera i got the samsung NX5 its pretty cool

  19. Why didn’t you just keep it in macro mode? It looked much better for this kind of review!

  20. I’m thinking of buying this camera, but i have also seen their z800 exr and i’m really stumped between the two.  Any real big differences and your own opinion. Thanks!!!!

  21. if only dslr’s were this simple, i love this cam im probably gonna buy it due to your great review dave. Thanks again i watch all your videos and love them all.

  22. great review

  23. As usual! ;)

  24. awesome video

  25. mrwildhippie101

    Right Now I Use The iPod Touch Camera Do you Think I Should Keep Using That,A Jazz Digital Camcorder,Or Just Try To Win A Camera?PS My Agama Webcam Doesn’t Work.