Fuji Finepix HS10 Digital Camera Review

Electronic Digicam Rank Video Rating: four / five

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  1. 30X

  2. يا الغالي رد زووم كم الي عندك ؟؟
    وبكم شاريها بلييز ضروري

  3. if you get rid of the hs10 let me know

  4. مششكوووووووور ياكلب

  5. leightonprotheroe

    hs20 is a better model of the hs10 if you got the money get the hs20,but my hs10 has served me well!

  6. leightonprotheroe

    perfect introduction camera-moved on to a 500d but still love it!

  7. please..telll mee which one the best fujifilm hs10..or hs20 exr??? pleasee telll me guysss

  8. ZombieHunter276

    Would this camera be good for stop motions and if not what others would be good for stop motions?

  9. I have this camera…just love it…. 🙂

  10. 99percentlongboards i know right? I love amazon. Im getting mine for $235 usd.!!

  11. Steven Cunningham

    which kodak camera did you record this video with?? Awesome video quality…

  12. AntoMarkunovic

    Far the best camera review i have seen…

  13. RikerRocketMan

    The lining up for straight shots is more like for rule of thirds… Such as hot spots on a picture, leveling the eyes in perticular spots enhances the picture:D

  14. question can you use this camera for less say a high fashion project

  15. 99percentlongboards

    now just £209.99 on amazon, CHECK IT OUT!

  16. Thanks for watching & commenting.

  17. You helped me decide if I want this camera, excellent review, thank you.

  18. Good camera

  19. Another thing you should do is switch off the 3 second preview after each shot is taken – this speeds things up quite a bit. ALSO try the ADVANCED setting and set it at ‘Multi motion capture’ its a good one to try and dont forget to set ‘High speed shooting’ to ON!

  20. One way to get round this is to record in Video (1080i) then chop the pix up with something like VLC media player or Picasa3

  21. @96euan I have a transcend 16G its just fine.PE

  22. No – but its 58mil easy to get one.

  23. basilbrushbaby

    will this camera accept a integral 16gb class 10 sd card?
    many thanks

  24. basilbrushbaby

    this is the best review on the fuji hs10 on youtube
    well done!!!

  25. @96euan mine didn’t.