Nikon Coolpix AW100 Review – User Footage Field Test – Compact 1080p Camera

Digital Digital camera Rank Video Rating: four / five

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  1. Hi can anyone tell me if you can zoom in and out while filming? Thanks

  2. I cannot deside what i should take, this camera or the GoPro 2 – i will go to a backpacking trip and want nice photos but also i will make a vlog so i want good videos too – this camera seems to be more handable and in fact that i also want to take photos at night when i go out (bars etc.) i think it s better cause of the flashlight but i m really not sure. Any ideas ?

    btw. nice video

  3. I think the exposure auto changing is because the camera was built for people who are gonna be using it while doing outdoor activities (hiking, mountain climbing etc) . Its not really easy to change settings while doing stuff like this. Seems like a good idea to me..

  4. Why do the others get Tue cool color white and camp?
    Oh does any one know if it has HDMI out

  5. Mrlegomoviedude7

    What color should I get mines?

    Orange, Black, or blue they are all wonderful!

  6. Get a go pro. Better investment…it may be a fisheye lens…but this has totally unusable video from a production stand point. The exposure fluctuating is horrible and makes almost anything randomly UN-useable.

  7. Hey! So I’m looking for a digital camera to bring with me while backpacking. This isn’t meant to be a replacement for my DSLR but just something that’s light and easy to carry around and won’t take up much space.
    Do you think this is suitable? I plan to use it while hopping around Europe and road tripping down the Pacific Coast (although in the latter, my DSLR would be fine since space won’t be an issue).

  8. does the TS4 have exposure lock?

  9. Kevinthekiller82

    I am in between this camera and the Olympus Tough. They are so similar its driving me crazy. Any input would be appreciated alot. Thoughts? 

  10. Chibi, thanks for your review, it really helps. Could you tell me if the AW100 has “rolling shutter” issues ? And if the Go Pro 2 has equivalent video quality ? Thanks

  11. Go Pro 2

  12. Here’s the thing. The problem with the exposure changing is really a big problem for me. I picked up a go pro 2…and even though its got a fisheye lens…I prefer it over the AW100 by far. I dunno…there is a bad constant changing of exposures that really makes it quite useless for mixing with real projects…

  13. Whow, I love the view at the start. Damn that’s beautiful! I really like this camera. Thank you for the review, this helped me a lot.

  14. I want to buy this camera… the only thing that is keeping me from doing it is that I don’t know if it is a good one for macro photos, can someone tell me if it is? PLEASEEE!

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  16. nice review!

  17. ¿No tenían a alguien mas presentable para mostrar éste video?

  18. Yea man! I laughed really hard when I saw this!

  19. Get a Go Pro

  20. mercurythelegend

    OMG really!!! I feel sick!! I’m going travelling in a few weeks and dunno what camera to get, been reviewing for weeks now and this one seems like the ‘better’ underwater camera of what i’ve seen. Do u think this is a safe bet??

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  23. I’ve had some trouble before with buying compact digital cameras that take 1080p video because I have trouble getting them from the camera to my computer for use in home-made type videos on my video editing program so I was wondering what file format the video is saved in and if you need a special program to get them off of if you can just cut-and-paste them from the camera folder to a folder on your computer? Also, the format is important as to whether or not they can be used in my program.

  24. liked the video but found the music in the background distracting haha