Olympus VF-2 Electronic Viewfinder Review

Electronic Camera Rank Online video Rating: four / 5

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  1. can you compare this to the evf of sony’s? thanks!

  2. Why is it so damn expensive?

  3. why advertisement without the option to skip it?

  4. MrSteventhegamer

    Thank you for the video sir,I didnt know it was called Electronic View Finder and i have also heard u can take images from looking into it when u want to save the battery by turning off the display?is it true?secondly what is Optical View Finder?

  5. I am thinking of switching my t2i for this. Is the evf going to be much worse?

  6. Thanks so much for watching 😀

  7. Thank you for this. I just read about electronic viewfinders and was wondering what on earth it looked like. Now I know. Gracias!

  8. Price is now $200 in the US as of March 2012. You left out some other information like the VF-2 has adjustments for frightness and color temperature. Also for $15 there is the Olympus EP-9 Rubber eye cup for even better viewing in bright sunlight as it acts as a sunshade and completly eleminates sun glare from entering into the rear of the VF-2 as your eye is up against the EP-9 rubber eyecup.

  9. What is that lens?

  10. can I view shooting info on the LCD like a DSLR?

  11. ep3 is cheaper.. lower res

  12. MrPlaystationboy

    ok thanks i think im saving up some more for the e-p3 🙂

  13. It works very well indeed.

  14. MrPlaystationboy

    i know you have the e-pl2 and im looking for a new camera and love the micro four thirds idea whit the mirrorless consept …but i do alot of outdoor shooting ..ive been looking at the lumix g2 wich has a built in viewfinder but that kinda ruins the whole consept of the small size , and i love the idea of a removable viewfinder so that you onley have it on the camera when you need it , and then remove it for a slim body ,,,i want to know how you like it ??

  15. It is indeed expensive, but with sun, doesn’t have to be really bright, it is an enormous help.

  16. How is the pixel density?

  17. do they have one under $250?

  18. Looks very impressive and I defiantly will be thinking of getting one in the future. It seems the price hasn’t dropped much almost a year on. I’ve had a quick look around and the cheapest I’ve found so far is £160, this seems a little expensive considering I bought the camera a couple of days ago for £250.

  19. I could only truly say that if I had tested them all, sorry.

  20. “One of the best”. What does this say? Nothing. If you could say which is THE best Electronic viewfinder, that would be interesting…

  21. Awesome, thanks for watching

  22. Not at all.

  23. Do you find that the camera is too small and fiddly for pro work ?

  24. I have an E-PL1 and this viewfinder is out of stock everywhere in the USA. At least the black color is out of stock. I did see the silver one is available now. These things can’t be selling that well. Olympus must have only produced a small number of viewfinders during it’s production run. Either that, or they are producing a new camera with a built-in viewfinder, making the VF-2 obsolete.

    Olympus is losing sales, and some people will get rid of their camera, if VF-2 isn’t available soon.