Panasonic DMC – TZ40 Camera Review & Demo

Digital Digital camera Rank Movie Score: four / five

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  1. try to make a video of a single burning led bulb…:-) and upload it here please.

  2. PanasonicSouthampton

    The new battery is a DMW-BCM13E, it is a different shape to the TZ40 battery.

  3. does it work with tz30 batteries? it’s hard to find tz40 battery model here.. 🙁

  4. This or wb850f ???

  5. PanasonicSouthampton

    I’m sure this worked but only for record start, stop, and zoom. I don’t remember being able to adjust any settings using the android remote.

  6. Just ordered mine, this will be my 4th Lumix camera in a row year after year. WiFi and slightly better low light video is exactly what I was hoping for.

  7. Can you remote control movie mode using the Andriod application

  8. Good review.

    With regards to remote WiFi app control, you can indeed have access to shutter speed and aperture settings if the camera is on either A / S / M modes.

    Also, the camera only has in-camera battery recharging. At the date of this review, replacement batteries and chargers are very scarce. Have you had any success in getting any spare batteries?

  9. kid camera for a kid reviewer.

  10. Payhole Everdouche

    I actually got Sexually Aroused upon seeing that German Leica Lens Pop Out.

  11. mjboyofsanluisaurora

    wow love it