Panasonic Lumix G2 – Video Review

Electronic Digicam Rank Video Rating: four / five

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  1. i too is having problems after taking say “5 minuite video” ..but uploading to youtube,it has to have to file converted does it not ?…..finding it a bit confusing in which is the best rouite to go,any help would be great please…..

  2. WhatDigitalCamera

    Depends what you want, but basically Yes. Image quality is signifivantly better due to much larger sensor, it has interchangeable lenses so you can attach premium prime lenses, there’s a hotshoe for external flash… I could go on. But its much bigger than the Coolpix, all these accessories cost extra and it isn;t as convenient to pull out of a pocket and just take a few snaps. Depends what you want.

  3. ConaMooreDesigns

    Hope you reply on your videos because I have a question, I bought a Nikon Coolpix S8100 and I lost it at a party so I am looking on buying a new camera that is like or better than the Nikon Coolpix I had, I am looking at this Lumix G2 and would like to know is it a better camera than the Nikon I had, I had 1080p video on mine and this only has 720p but I am all about the still image quality so could you let me know is it a better camera ?

  4. fashionfaceon


  5. RestrictedJamesArea

    PLEASE ANSWER can i put a shotgun microphone on it?

  6. Connect your card or your phone to your computer. If you have a windows pc then click on ‘my computer’ and then click on the icon for the card/phone. You will now see inside your card. Simply click through the various folders until you find the videos. Normally one will be labelled photos so its not that one. If you have a G2 it might be labelled AVCHD or videos or sometimes they give it a name that makes no sense at all. You’ve just got to do your best to find the videos through the folders.

  7. Couldnt disagree more if you edit what you record. AVCHD is a nightmare!

  8. So, what makes an DSLR superior?
    Now I have a Sony Alpha 350 DSLR, but I have the feeling that it wasn’t designed by photographers because some menu items take too long to adjust. What I like about the Panasonic Lumix G2 is that it has quick access buttons, it’s light and compact and very quick and has HD video. Also, I really miss the swivel screen I had on my Canon Powershot.
    So, my question is, beyond personal preferences, WHAT IS THIS CAMERA MISSING in comparison with DSLR cameras?

  9. Is this better than the Olympus E-P2 and also is the touchscheen as bad as the GF2?

  10. the opening sound is very similar to the beginning of the mentalist

  11. That is a very interesting fact.

  12. which is better this camera or a eos 1100d?

  13. DancingStar1510

    it works with pcs right? :L xxx

  14. Okay what should i use?

  15. shredmiester4000

    Mjpeg is the best quality, AVCHD is the best compression.

  16. So go for “DSLR Reviews” on yt – and of course on sites like xy, xy and xy – you’ll find your camera… ‘kay, think of PENTAX.

  17. im probably gonna get the 500d

  18. thanks alot, it may sound abit strange but, im only 11, and really into filmmaking and taking pics and stuff, id do anything to get my hand on a good dslr camera 😀

  19. Yes, it shoots videos.
    Before you spend your money, please watch some reviews on YT. There are a lot of great cams! Ask yourself: What do you want from your camera?

  20. ok correct, didnt really know much about cameras then,, can canon 500d record video?

  21. Are you sure you mean 400D? The G2 is great fun to use – I’ve been using this cam for one year now and I love it – but if you really want to spend your money on a cam, you should compare the G2 to the Canon 500D.

  22. Can anybody PLEASE tell me which is better, canon 400d or the lumix g2

  23. It has a Bulb mode.

  24. anygoodatdancin

    I presume it’s the case that you could record many 29 min vids on after the other untill the card is full?

  25. i have a G2 and i love it, it records 1080p video quality and shoots amazing pictures. very user friendly. I recommend this to someone who doesn’t know much about settings and advanced stuff.