Panasonic Lumix GF1 Digital Camera Video Review

Electronic Camera Rank Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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  4. cool camera! i love it! And this camera is great for Time Lapse Photography too! you just need this device:
    I got very professional time-lapse videos with camera! cool sunset videos!

  5. Digitalcameraman11

    Great review on the GF1, the review points are fantastic and absolutely right on as the panasonic does have quicker autofocus than the olympus, also the video mode button is perfect for video option users. Both the GF1 and the Pen 1 and 2 models are rated high on digital camera ratings dot net. The Leica M9 and X1 are also outstanding cameras and their handmade design makes them top rated cameras on digital camera ratings dot net as well.

  6. AppleMacAttackTV

    haha doo-hickey!

  7. BlinkPhotoGalleries

    I enjoyed watching your video. I also subscribed so I can watch more. Please be sure to subscribe to mine as well.

  8. boom!

  9. GF2

  10. KaNGaRooBaby910

    i love your review, is hilarious XD
    anyway, is the lens leica or lumix? or is the same?
    with limited budget, would you suggest me to get the 20mm pancake lens or the 14-45mm ?? i’ve seen the other videos that the image/video quality is better with the 20mm pancake lens…

  11. so would you recommend Pen or GF1?

  12. Hi Steve Just viewed the image comparison of the GF1 and the M9. As you state in the review it is to be expected that the M9 is better, however if I had just spent $7000 on a Leica, quite frankly I would be quite disappointed. Put a quality lens on the GF1 and the M9 would battle. I was myself looking at a Leica M9, however after viewing it image quality I have now changed my mine. anyway love your reviews. Cheers Hanz

  13. My mom and cousin just bought a leica, it was only $800 which is the same street price for the GF1. My mom barely uses it. #LOL

  14. for an ameteur, eager to learn. Would this be a good camera to start wiw?

  15. what would u chose between the new olympus epl1new pen camera and panasonic gf1 ty

  16. love how you sound excited <3

  17. G11 or GF1, which one should i get?

  18. love the full review on your website 🙂 i do plan on getting my hands on one of these babies

  19. machoBaller213

    hey steve…where is the panasonic $700..

  20. machoBaller213

    can the gf1 fit in your pocket

  21. curious about the focusing: the Olympus ep2 has follow focus and so does the Panasonic – however, I don’t see Panasonic claiming it can follow focus on a moving object ACROSS the frame and coming to/from the camera How about it?

  22. haha, the pc lens is as thick as your forefinger but what if you have ginormous fingers?

  23. machoBaller213

    hey is the gf1 compared to the leica d-;ux 4..which one is better

  24. Well what i hear from the dealer is LX3 is more to beginner and GF1 is more to professional but i would like to prefer GF1 because it just a matter of time and experience to handle the GF1. you can use GF1 to master your photography skill too..Imagine if you buy LX3 and once you master it you may need to waste money on buying a new cam will be a waste because money can be use for lens

  25. UniversalBrother108

    Can you do manual focus and aperture control during video recording? Thanks!