Panasonic Lumix GH2 Video Review

Electronic Digicam Rank Video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. I think 60D or t4i would be the most comparable to the gh2. The t4i and the gh2 both have continuous autofocus in video mode, and they both have a built in stereo mic and touch screen. I preordered my t4i because I like the shapes of the rebels and they have more lenses.

  2. gh2

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  4. so gh2 or t3i?

  5. Waiting for a gh3 annoucement maybe this year?

  6. Can this be hacked in firmware wise?

  7. firehammerbranc

    Yes Canon lenses, no video limit beyond the battery or card limits.

  8. I heard the GH2 has 25fps with the latest firmware. Nice! Just need the price to come down now 😛

  9. Yes, you can get a canon mount adapter, and no, no 4GB buffer limit. Hope that helps!

  10. SummerWindWedding

    Great Review. Two questions. Can you adapt canon lenses to it and is it restricted to 4GB buffer (turning off every 12 minutes or so)?  Thanks in advance.

  11. Hi there,

    Selling my GH2­140mm–3x-batteries-2x-32gb-me­mory-cards-lowepro-slingshot-2­00aw-bag/91326456

  12. can you review the Panasonic lumix fz 150

  13. The combination of features in this model camera is extremely unique in this price range. No other camera packs the continuous autofocus, articulated screen, stereo external mic input, standard hot shoe, anti-rolling-shutter, live onscreen view (thanks to it being an SLT instead of SLR), 60fps @ 1080i… there are probably countless more features this camera posesses that others in its class don’t.

  14. MrPlaystationboy

    is the gh2 worth the higer cost of the g2 for still images onley ….i dont give 2 crap’s for video and video seems to be the onley thing the gh2 does more then just a little bit bether then the g2

  15. ZxanderProductions

    in 24p, yes. 

  16. TheBestDamnPerson


  17. but the autofoucus on teh a33 a55 have that anoying clikc noise when using autofocus while fillimg and the Image stabalizer is anyoing too, the panasonic 4/3 cameras dont have that problem, i know, cuase i tried both of them out, so i would perfer manual focus even though, but for a dslt camera it would have to be a77 later on, but ill stick with panasonic or cannon thanks to their wide variety of options when it comes to manual controls

  18. AIexanderHartdegen


  19. I believe you mean to say “don’t matter”…… yeah i was surprised that the European market didn’t receive an update with 25p which I’m sure is on the way.

  20. Good review- nice technical details in there. Have to say I think for the image quality especially for video and the price point Panasonic hit a real sweet spot with the GH2.

  21. Romeoofbrasil

    GH2 hands down, it’s all about the next generation processors (there’s 3 in it) that all other SLRs (Canons, Nikons, etc) will try to catch up to in the following year…

  22. which is better in video shooting this GH2or Nikon D3100 ?