Photographer shares his knowledge of the with students

Art Maines is quite popular across town for taking snaps at the Clyde High School and Harvest Temple Christian Academy sporting programs. Well, he is a self-taught man who has spent several hours learning how to get the best snaps from his camera, and now he is portioning out what he has learned via the newly-found Clyde Photography Club.

Maines told that he would see people at sporting events which had cameras and did not know how to use those things. He believed that he would like to put a club together, so that he talked to Jill McCullough at the library. He believes that the people that have come up so far have been learning something.

He has been quite interested in taking pictures since getting his very first camera as a Christmas present years ago. When the digital photography came, his interest has gone up. He told that this is just something that he always relished doing. When it went from film to strips to digital, one could really get into it.

The Clyde Photography Club’s purpose is to bring new photographers together to study different techniques. And, Maines does not spend the meeting teaching. The group shares their knowledge and practice together.

Judy Soper, a club member, told that he is not really an instructor. It is just a group that gets together to learn photography. As a group, they decide what to practice.
In the recent class, they practiced drop splash technique.

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