Photographer utilizes Facebook to search ‘Last Kiss’ couple

A couple kissing while in handcuffs handed Mo Gelber, a New York photographer, the snap of a lifetime after Facebook searched showed the identities of the lovers.

The lady at the centre of s huge search for 2 outlaw lovebirds clicked by a photographer came forward to show her identity and elevate the hat on her summer of love along with her artist boyfriend.

Alexis Creque reached to the photographer who clicked that magnificent snap via social networking site Facebook to accept that she was the lady who was kissing her handcuffed boyfriend. According to police reports, the name of Alexis’ partner is Russell Murphy (26).

Mo Gelber specializes in street photography. He clicked the snap of the long smooch when he was walking past the court. He entitled the picture Last Kiss and took part in a photography contest. But those who were in charge of the contest, said Mo Gelber that he wanted to be in the contest, then he must get permission from the couple.

He wrote a plea on his FB page asking for the couple to come forward and one of Creque’s friends told her that a photographer is searching for them on Facebook. She messaged Mo, on Thursday, to tell that she is the lady in the picture. The 28 year old Alexis told that she relished a whirlwind romance with Russell Murphy for 5 months. They had crazy summer. It is quite like a movie.

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