Photography competition at University of Queensland

After a photography competition held in the University of Queensland, the Dept of school of Political Science and International studies are ready to announce the winners of the competition. The results will be announced at an award ceremony on Wednesday.

Dr. Matt McDonald, chairman of the School’s Engagement Committee said that the competition which even includes a film category pulled some of the best field of entries. This photographic competition is celebrating its four year. Mr. Donald was happy to inform us that the standard of entries has raised a lot.

The photographs that are clicked by the photographers are being clicked in several countries worldwide. Each and every pic displays an inimitable reflection of life from the distressing to the sanguine. The competition focuses on demonstrating the interest which the students and staff at UQ have especially in the global issues.

Nowadays the school has an overall compilation of 40 photographs, all of which are on display along with the earlier entries. If you are really interested, then you can have a quick glance at the selected entries from the competition by visiting the School’s webpage.

First prize for this competition is the Canon EOS 1100 DSLR. The Norac Information and Technology Management will be donating this prize for the winner of this competition. The award ceremony is scheduled to be held at the Student Union Complex of the St. Lucia Campus. The event will start around 6pm. Hopefully; it will be an amazing evening to watch.

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