Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera

Digital Camera Rank Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  2. Thank you !!! It did help us so much we were amazed as it was impossible to
    put the battery !!! Thanks !

  3. Hi, did that discoloration when you added the classic Polaroid border fix
    itself or just stay the same? Mine has just done the same thing, is it
    because of the paper? Thanks for any help

  4. i can’t figure out how to make it have a polaroid border, i tried to follow
    what you did in the video but my camera just doesn’t have the same options
    that yours does please help .

  5. I’m having a hard time inserting the battrey. Lol no wonder why!!! How did
    you remove that white piece of plastic? It’s way inside the Battery slot!!

  6. Is it possible to move the photos from the camera to the computer? thx

  7. oh and how much is it for the paper ? more or less? cheers! :)

  8. can you flip the lcd screen? 

  9. Thanks so much!!!

  10. Is it possible to edit (zoom) pics before printing, to make sure the entire
    photo fits…or does it just print on it’s own terms.

  11. I am thinking to buy this model to start out like a small business during a
    summer months to take shots and print pictures for tourists?What is your
    opinion on this and i will be pleased to hear opinions of everyone?

  12. michelleé ortiz

    I have one. But when I try to charge it I dont see any light that indicates
    that its charging. Am I suppose to? I just got mine recently

  13. @Dan O’Connor did the discoloration ever fade away? I have been trying to
    find a camera good for taking up-close shots of flowers,nature,friends etc.
    Would you recommend this camera?

  14. god I fell asleep watching this

  15. I’m soon going to get this as a gift and it’s good I googled before getting
    it because of the strange card that you have to remove before putting the
    battery in. Wouldn’t had known about it. Can’t wait to see and try it.

  16. Hi there,
    I love your video!Can you,or anybody,tell me is z340 model durable?I mean
    is it easy to go something wrong with printing…?How many pictures
    approximate can i print out before it runs out…