Samsung Galaxy S2 Camera Tips –

Digital Camera Rank Video Score: 4 / five

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  5. no one ever does a review on the front-facing camera -.-

  6. Srbija1389CCCC

    Nice 😀

  7. MistahBradley

    I got it all figured out :] SIM card activated overnight 😛 So far I love my Samsung Galaxy S II! Just sucks that I don’t get 4G from inside my barracks room, but other than that I get awesome signal & service everywhere else!!

  8. BobLeeSwagger8264

    I’m writing a comment, not writing a paper?

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  10. BobLeeSwagger8264

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  11. No. You’re American though, close enough.

  12. BobLeeSwagger8264

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  13. Srbija1389CCCC

    I have no idea,im from Serbia,and i have Telenor SIM card.I think you didn’t heard of Telenor,but anyway…It was activated in 30 min’s…:) How do you like your SGS 2?

  14. Well it’s a little too late for me, lol. I already bought the T-Mobile version, plus it seemed to have the better specs than other carriers, so why not? All I’m waiting for it my SIM card to finish processing with Straight Talk. Seeing as though I’m activating it on a Friday I’m not too sure it’ll work until Monday :/ Know anything about this kind of thing?

  15. my camer is really clear, but when I record it’s horrible! how can i improve the video?

  16. Srbija1389CCCC

    No problem,and buy the original one,not from tmobile,at&t,etc…:))

  17. Oh? Awesome! I wasn’t sure if it did, so after posting my comment I started browing Google Play for apps that provided the feature if it wasn’t included by default. But I’m glad it is! Thanks!

  18. Srbija1389CCCC

    it does have panorama picture option..

  19. Hey, I haven’t gotten my Samsung Galaxy S2 in the mail yet, BUT I was wondering: does the phone includes a panorama picture option by default? But if it doesn’t would you recommend a certain Panorama app from the market (one that has few bugs, exports to full 8mp quality, etc)? Thanks!

  20. The action shot is confusing. Can someone explain it.

  21. prakhardubey21

    Can’t work in india

  22. this is the american galaxy s2

  23. ScreenTestRecorder

    please help me….take a look at my “sumsung galxy s2 camera help” video …my camera is not working