Samsung H300 Zoom Test

Digital Digital camera Rank Video clip Ranking: four / five

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  1. Yes, you can.


    good for just above entry leve for I wonder why HD camcorders do not hve long Optical zoom that SD ones have I asume its rather tecknical I wonder waht the stills are and doesit have special effect some think I am siley but I love the nagative I would love to ahve a yellow filter for better black and whites

  3. dagenieindabottle

    Oh, I get it, you recorded (shot) video using your camcorder (gun).

  4. certenly! Better zoom, manual focus during records, less noise in low light and matrix little bit better, and battery lasts longer – thats all pluses I know

  5. RandomClashers

    Is it better Than the q10?

  6. ChocolateCookie3x

    What kind of tripod can i use with this?

  7. does it make clicking/humming noise when you zoom? is it noticeable? i am seriously thinking about getting this camera.

  8. MrWillzmyname

    that is sik for zooming! i just film on ma ipod!and that has crappy zooming!

  9. The h200 series is 10 times better than series 300.

  10. спасибо за видео! собираюсь приобрести эту камеру! 🙂

  11. beardrewisalive

    wow..people who shoot animals know how to use technology and have a BRAIN!? People who do shoot animals have major psychological and emotional disorders.

  12. Wheres that model 60 blast em

  13. ThatReptileDude

    What are the big differences between this and the H200?

  14. AdorableChipmunk

    C’est incroyable! Really cool dude! It’s great picture. Cute bunny 😀

  15. salzmanufaktur

    Dang! Why you didn’t shot the shooting? 😀

  16. You got it all wrong the video should be of you popping the rabbit with the gauge! Now that’s something special…

  17. Is this the stock camera mic you’re speaking into?? Really really superb quality video and audio o_O… Thing I’ll get one of these…

  18. I don’t respect you!!! Your gonna take the life of an innocent rabbit, just to have fun. How would you feel if I was bored and shot you with a 12-guage. NO RESPECT. Like if you agree.

  19. I like the attempt at russian 😀 Google translate bringing nations together ©

  20. Why is it when i zoom in on my it never focus’ and auto focus is on.

  21. that bunny looks delicious

  22. i was about to shoot the rabbit with my 12-gauge. i think a 45 might be enough

  23. Looks like a good camera

  24. RussianWarClub

    “But what I found here in the backyard of a friends is a rabbit, and I’m getting ready to shoot the rabbit with my 12 gauge so I thought I would make a video of it before I do and test out the zoom.”


  25. cbbcyouthablaze

    How long of video dO you get when using full hd 1080p on 32gb sd card?