Samsung NX10 Digital Camera Review

Digital Digicam Rank Online video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. what quality mode do u used ?

  2. what quality mode do u use ?

  3. I’ve got the nx10 but my image quality is not that great ! any idea of what should i do !?

  4. Of cousre you get a maual, EVERY camera comes with manual!!! Waste of time.

  5. Thanks for the review. Very informative. I’m unsure on whether I should get it!

  6. NX10 was an only one camera that fullfill my expectation and want. I had a great experience with NX10.

  7. Me too, NX11 is exciting 🙂

  8. I saw an article that NX10 and NX100 got award Advanced Compact System Camera of the Year and Entry Compact System Camera of the Year by Amateur Photographer. I getting more expectation of NX11.

  9. I would say either a 35mm or 50mm is a good idea. I love my 50mm fixed focal length lens.

  10. Nice review dave, I got my first dSLR a few months ago and am really struggling with choosing my upgrade lens.  I mainly shoot my family, so running kids and a combination of indoor/outdoor. I am thinking either a 35mm F2.0 or a 28mm-200mm F3.5-5.6. I like the versatility of the zoom lens, but would love the low F stop of the fixed focal length. What would you recommend?

  11. Not bad on this one as it is very bright.

  12. JamesEncliffe

    I notice u mention the view screen is AMOLED… this technology can be very hard to see in bright light. I see also that it is ‘glossy’ i.e makes a good mirror! How does this camera perform in this regard when using outside in bright daylight or sun?

  13. NX10 is very very good, nice handling, clean rich images. Canon 550D handles more like a photographer would expect from a DSLR. Hard one to call.

  14. mrahmadaziz424

    which one is better this NX10 or the Canon 550D?

  15. lustforlife358

    Excellent review. If the sensor is has been improved from the GX10, then even I would suggest getting one.

  16. This was a review model.

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  18. No, I do graphic design.

  19. Could be.

  20. @davormrmac
    is this your only job?

  21. Very quiet and muffled audio on the HD recording, maybe because of the wind noise reduction?

  22. They are leant to me to review, then returned.

  23. It handled really well.

  24. I live in Kent. About 30-40 minutes from the Folkestone Harbour where I do most of my tests.

  25. I am hoping to have a P7000 and D3100 coming soon, fingers crossed. Also, if you search my channel there is some Nikon stuff on there ;)