Samsung Waterproof Camera Unboxing + Test

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  1. how does it work under low lighting?

  2. Hello,

    I’m glad to help my friend,

    A1, Memory Card is sold separately

    A2, Prices vary between brands, i have tried Sandisk and transcend both work without problems with me. Price range on transcend 16gb 17$ about that range.

    A3, It does not come with a card.

    A4, No you need a card

    Good luck on your purchase buddy 😉

  3. Hi i want to buy this camera but does it come with a memory card? Or do u have to buy it seperatly? Do u know the approximate price of the card? oR Does it come with a card and all u have to insert it? Also, can u take pictures without the card? Sorry for so many questions…

  4. Never mind

  5. How many fps?

  6. HairyBaboonFetus

    inside jokes ahahah

  7. Americangirls0880pup

    If can pleas edo tutorial

  8. Americangirls0880pup

    Can you connect it to window live movie maker?

  9. how is the battery life?

  10. TakashiLikesCoffe

    does it take pictures?

  11. yes

  12. I just got this same camera and I love it! i was going to buy a Flip UltraHD, but when I saw I could increase the memory that sold me, and the waterproof deal too.

  13. Of Course

  14. thanks for your video, I just bought this camera, can’t wait to get it. Does it feel like a good quality camera and not like a cheap toy-like feel?

  15. mrPoohbear511


  16. HollisterSupporter

    Can you actually film this underwater?

  17. should i buy it or not?

  18. citruscrushable

    Lol your welcome, and your username…?

  19. HairyBaboonFetus


  20. citruscrushable

    what camera did u use to film this? it has REALLY good auto focus!

  21. citruscrushable

    yes definetly…

  22. HairyBaboonFetus

    would this be good for snowboarding?

  23. SuperCrudedude

    Yeah I bought one about a week ago and it’s actually a real cool camera for it’s price.