Samsung WB600 Digital Camera Review

Electronic Camera Rank Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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  1. cupcakeMecrafty

    does it focus on its own while filming? does it have a good focus?

  2. While in video mode go to options and go to the lowest option and set it to ON. Simple

  3. codspecialist14

    can it be used as a webcam?

  4. why does my camera stop recording sound when zooming???

  5. Traveller777Fly

    I used this Camera for 600 Shots in my Denmark Holidays – the Zoom is fantastic, the Picture of Wide Landscapes are exiting – i do like this Camera !

  6. TheMrcoolbest

    beuty shot does not looks better than normal shot in that photo XDD

  7. cool camera! i love it! And this camera is great for Time Lapse Photography too! you just need this device:
    I got very professional time-lapse videos with camera! cool sunset videos!

  8. giancarlopetrarca01

    the zoom during video is quite noisy

  9. Samsung WB600 or Panasonic Lumix ZT20???

  10. Just ordered it and am very hyped about it. 😉

  11. behemoth666123


  12. a man came to me and he said please buy this i need money he gaved me for 20 euros

  13. 20?

  14. i bought this camera for 20euros

  15. finally I’ve needed to reset the camera beacause it was a failure, but thanks for your advice

  16. have you read manuals p58,press [ menu].
    2 Select Shooting

  17. can images be captured from video? Can you crop images on the handset itself?

  18. i have it :D:D:D

  19. But the question is, Will it blend?

  20. drummerzachb888

    PLEASE HELP! Can you use the fish eye when recording?

  21. chris7toronto

    I love this camera! Very satisfied!

  22. Heey every1! what’s up? i got a question. i heard that if you film in the dark the camera starts to bruse do ya’ll understand what i mean? Pls can you answer if its true. Peace Out! 😉

  23. I bought this camera, and this is a very good cam !!

  24. Hi. I just bought the camera but no hdmi cable was included in the package. Only a usb out cable. Can i just buy the cable from any electronics store? what is the name of the cable – i mean do digital cameras all use the same standard cable? I think it’s the mini hdmi cable to hdmi cable, but i’m not sure?


  25. Trollitechnik

    Cool Music Track in tne Background.. which Title / Artist is it ?