Sony Alpha SLT-A33 video review

Digital Digicam Rank Video Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. @dagamer1991 If you can get the 600D

  2. All in all those choices are good. You might try picking up A55. Smaller, faster, and the video is good. You really don’t have a problem regarding the lens selection. I have Sony a77 and I liked it, happy and satisfied. Good grip too.

  3. alright.. pls help me out..
    ive been reading/watching reviews for over a month now. im rly confused what to buy.. budget is not a prob. but i just want to buy a good camera for long term use..
    canon 550D/600D or Sony Alpha A55 ?
    what wud u prefer ?

  4. SimpsonLeslie3150

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  5. why having the viewfinder after all…. ? why look at a smaller screen when u have a bigger LCD screen?

  6. TOCParkourTeam

    u got that top from asos

  7. If there’s a constant stream of focus, is there a half-shutter press?

  8. OsamaBinMasood

    Is it good for low light shooting like marriage,indoor party with poor lighting ?

  9. OsamaBinMasood

    I like your accent Mr.Mike Lowe.

  10. OsamaBinMasood

    Which Camera should I buy Sony Alpha SLT A33 or the Nikon d3100?

  11. OsamaBinMasood

    How good is the battery life?

  12. OsamaBinMasood

    how good is the build quality?

  13. OsamaBinMasood

    How good is the image quality of the alpha a33

  14. I want to see a comparison between a DSLR and a DSLT camera in terms of image quality. Many people said the SLT mirror reduce image quality, that’s just a criticism. I wanna see a real and detail image comparison to justify that claim.

  15. Does it have full 1080p video, or only 1080i?

  16. no problem 😀 saving up for it myself :p

  17. thankyou very much for your help. i am buying this camera tommoow 🙂

  18. Yes you can. So it is basically a DSLR.

  19. but you can use different lenses with this camera right?making it a DSLR.??

  20. It is, but its not. It is camera-wise, but they cant call it DSLR, because of the translucent mirror technology. Produces just as good pictures/videos though, but with 7fps at an awesome price.

  21. mcnamaranicholas

    this guy is the most boring reviewer ever…

  22. So, would this be considered a DSLR or no?

  23. hercules71185

    I like it, I like the handheld twilight mode for low light and everything. But, the advantages of a DSLR are more light, and Sony lenses, kind of… Well suck. You have very few choices for middle level. You have to buy zeiss which is over prices, and tamron and sigma for cheaper lenses and they are not very good. Canon offers the best entry level set ups. I’d still stick by sony myself with that said. Because the zeiss lens is worth it for me with the rest of the benefits it offers.