Sony Alpha SLT-A55 VL Digital SLR Camera Review

Digital Digicam Rank Video Score: 4 / five

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  1. NEX RULESS! good lens too. And it works great for TIME LAPSE with this little remote:

  2. WoW great work my friend, nice review! I love this camera. I use mine for Time-Lapse movies. You just need this little remote for it to work:

  3. Angelika Heidi

    Hi! Have you thought about photo sfxart tricks (google it)? My friend Allan made some very incredible pictures with their video lessons.

  4. PushTheYellowOne

    If anyone is wanting this for £270 with lens brand new go to argos they have a really good offer

  5. hey there if u wanna shot lightng try to put our camera on a tripod and the shutter speed to 30 seconds or try bulb mode 😀

  6. nice camera abit nicer tha my a330 will have to think about geting one

  7. with an lcd screen on the top with your fstops and all, and is a bit larger and better to grip.

  8. a65 is an awsome bet, or i would def go with the a77..a77 has 24.6 megapixels

  9. Is this camera still good? Is there a newer version of it in the same price range?

  10. TheSumoscorpio

    The firmware upgrade is really 4-5 additional styles under the SCN..

  11. I have been using the a55 for a year now mostly doing outdoor action videos. What I found is that the camera over heats and shuts down even when you turn the steady shot off. The lens are rough and jerky. Very hard to get smooth movement out of them. Other then that it does good videos and stills. Being I sometimes carry the camera and lens for miles I find that the weight is not a problem.

  12. Great video and explanation. But I want to share some info about pros and cons of SLT over SLR since people are asking. Ok SLT is faster about 10fps plus better autofocus during video.About no vibration since mirror does not move, no a sturdy camera body does not suffer from that, Mirror in SLT is very sensitive and hard to clean all dirt shows on pictures. Electronic viewfinderis a nightmere try manual focus on a small brunch. I dont believe an OLED will solve the problem.

  13. a55 goes upto 25,000 in a special mode

  14. What exactly do you mean? There is no lens image stabilization. Only body. So any lens will be automatically stabilized because the sensor, itself, moves.

  15. Afshin Jalilzadeh

    How do you change the Image stabilizer option on this camera ? from camera to lens ?

  16. Which would you suggest for someone focusing on photos? This, the Nikon D5100 or the Canon T3i?

  17. Thanks for this great review! I’m quite sure this is the camera I’m buying. One thing though. You said something which upset my special allergies – 1080i. It’s the i-part I’m not so keen on. Doesn’t it do 1080p? Interlaced really is from the devil. Oh well, No slow-motion…

  18. sanantonioskating

    my dream

  19. pls suggest me which is good A55 or canon 550D.

  20. BramowitchIII

    I think no. Unless you need the 10fps or shoot videos in high actions situations. Otherwise buying into the canon system is still superior.

  21. Killzon3commander

    I think yes.
    Theres no category in which the t3i is better in my opinion except being 10$ cheaper in my country

  22. Dan Boyington

    I got this camera with the standard lens and a 70 – 300 mm lens, but I’m going traveling and need one more like 18 - 200mm, but unsure what make to go for keeping in mind it will connect.

  23. The only thing wrong with the a33/a55 is that the battery life isn’t that great.

  24. illestpunjabiny

    Thanks… Would you recommend this over the T3i as well ?