Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 test & review 50x Optical Zoom 20.4 Megapixel Full HD video Camera

Electronic Camera Rank Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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  1. Jan van den Hardenberg

    Thank you nanomyou5 -:)

  2. – Sony DSC-HX-300: 24-1200m (35mm equiv.) zoom (50x) @ f2.8 – f6.3
    – Canon SX50HS : 24-1200mm (35mm quiv.) zoom (50x) @ f.3.4 – f6.5

    Same zoom factor, same focal lengths, both have optical stabilization, Sony lens is faster (wider aperture). Sony has also better video modes.

  3. Mohanaed nody

    is the zoom in hx300 the same in sx50 or the sx50 longer
    and the other feature like macro,portrait and autofocus which is the best about those things

  4. Jan van den Hardenberg

    The sound of zooming hear you only if you are using the zoom button. Once you use hand zoom you don’t hear any sound. -:)

  5. Jan van den Hardenberg

    Is correct.

  6. Jan van den Hardenberg

    The macro function is perfect and very good. Also easy to use!

  7. have you tested the macro yet??? cause I’m more a macro person, cause I use it to take photos for my ebay auctions.

  8. Chi Hyun Ahn

    You could hear the zoom noise…. 🙁 bad bad bad lol

  9. no raw..!

  10. Jan van den Hardenberg

    I think you certainly can filming an hour, but I think also called longer.
    Best regards, Jan.

  11. mustafa ünsal

    vay müttezer vay

  12. Soumyajit Safui

    thanx for ur quick answer.

  13. Jan van den Hardenberg

    Hi Soumyajit Safui, i’ve really no idea but i think maybe now or very soon? Can you see this on the Sony website maybe??

  14. Soumyajit Safui

    one question jan van den hardenberge when is the hx300v releasing in india ? 

  15. Jan van den Hardenberg

    Have fun and you have first a little practice but after a few days you’ll see that it’s amazing what you can do with this camera! Enjoy!!

  16. I just got this tonight and sooooo excited to use it tomorrow 🙂

  17. Jan van den Hardenberg

    You’re welcome!

  18. would really like to know the battery life when shooting video.
    I know it can shoot 300~ shots but what about video?

  19. can show some movies of hx300 lowlight, thanks!!! :))

  20. Jan van den Hardenberg

    Totally agree! -:)

  21. Jan van den Hardenberg

    This Sony I can really recommend it because the performance is truly astounding, also on 50x / 1200mm zoom!! Especially the 20.4 megapixels is reflected in the photos and videos.
    We’ve also tested the HX100 and HX200 and also the Canon cameras do not deliver this quality on such a long distance! Really a must.

  22. frickin awesome quality! i was on the verge of buying a canon sx50 .. and only tonight discovered sony have brought out this sharp as shit bundle of love.. which now makes the sx50 look dated.. my only issue from what i can see is the lcd doesnt flip right round so u cant see the frame when talking into the lense.. and the battery is sooo small for such a demanding camera.. but still… its frickin awesome mannn!!

  23. Fu ck man it’s like sniper scope

  24. Jan van den Hardenberg

    I’ve both camera’s, the HX100 and the HX300. The HX300 zooms really a lot better and faster than my HX100. Also has the HX300 sharper images at 1200mm.

  25. hx300 zoom problem hx100 good