Sony Cybershot DSC-TX5 Waterproof 720p Compact Camera Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

Digital Digital camera Rank Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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  2. Digtial Rev Tv. + Linus Tech Tips.

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  8. I want this but me don’t have the money for it 😛

  9. ilovenickjerryjonass

    did you put in the card that came with it?? and did you charge it???

  10. adhd

  11. I’m thinking of buying this camera, can you please tell me, did you have any problems with water leeking inside the camera or rust or corrosion due to water use. Nice video BTW 🙂

  12. it depends what kind of memory card you get

  13. comes with 45mb built in, IF u can’t afford a memory card!

  14. I bought it and it isn’t turning on!!! D:

  15. NO memory card given with it.????? now how much will that cost????

  16. Nice review, but watch out. I had one for 6 months. One day (unrelated to underwater use) it decided to stop turning on. I returned it to Sony Service in Laredo under my 3 year extended warranty. Sony Service informed me that they had voided my warranty because there was “corrosion damage” I could not (despite significant effort) convince them the failure was NOT related to use in the water. IAM AM POSTING THIS TO ALERT CONSUMERS THAT SONY CAN ARBITRARILY VOID THERE OWN WARRANTY. BEWARE.

  17. dude u have nice voice

  18. dude! that stick thingy is a pin or something for the touch screen!

  19. that was a really good review my friend , fast not long and boring , rite to the point! so i was looking at the sony couse fujifilm and olimputs i mean the reviews about the quality of the pictures arent 2 good , so i wonder how is the quality pic??

  20. Moeggggggggggggggggg

    can you like capture pics from a video on there ????

  21. it depends on what pictures or video u take, which quality u use and how often u turn it on and off, it can last upp to 600 pictures if ur taking like the lowest quality, and upp to 250 with best quality 🙂 quite impressive!

  22. IDancingCorpseI

    how many hours will the battery last

  23. AWESOME. I just got a new one xD

  24. linus the stick u got is like a ds stykus use it for the touch screen

  25. Parivash Malekshamran

    I wonder, does it take good pictures at night? Because some times when a camara is good in the day light and bla bla bla, it usually sucks at night, so what about that? Thank you 🙂