Sony DSC-WX300/B 18 MP Digital Camera MOVIE Making Test On Fiat 500C Dash

Electronic Camera Rank Video clip Score: 4 / five

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  1. Looks like better than you expected. I love this camera.

  2. if someone was holding it and not vibin’ on the dash..otherwise it really
    isn’t that bad.

  3. I wonder if it was tested on the dashboard of a Rolls Royce, would the
    video quality be better?

  4. Yes on Hwy 395 in California

  5. AveAureliusprimus1

    Hello ! very nice vid !! Was it filmed on californian roads ? Does the
    camera a full HD 1080p or 1080i ? Thanks Aurélien from Marseilles (South of
    France, Europe)

  6. I don’t think the video is too bad actually.

  7. The suspension in that vehicle was not compatible with filming! DUEL was a
    fantastic movie! How did you ever recognize the road? I have not seen that
    film in about 10 years …. time to find it again!!

  8. AveAureliusprimus1

    Oh you know… I’m an european man and thanks this this road I remember the
    famous first Steven Spielberg film : DUEL (1973) which is my favorite one