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Dec 14

Travel Photographer Awards honors world’s most gritty images

Photographs of the rock churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia and Namibia’s Himba tribe got Philip Lee Harvey the title of Travel Photographer of the Year 2014 from a pack of entries which capture Earth both at its most brutal and majestic. While the subjects of Lee are hardly original, the judges admitted that the way the Brit photographer clicked the snaps in his two sets of 4 snaps was striking, beautiful and elegant.

On behalf of the jury, a statement said that they the two sets of snaps are shot in different styles, the Lalibela portfolio utilizes the portrait format to reveal the depth of rock-hewn churches as well as this is felicitated by the photographer’s angle of view in this difficult lighting. The portrait shots of Himba woman are lovely in their detail and they are limited color palette, securing the tribal patterns and shapes in strong compositions.

Harvey’s honor was the acme of a host of honors, that includes Young Travel Photographer of the Year that was handed to seventeen year old Samuel Fisch from Bronx in New York City. Fisch’s series of colored pictures of seemingly everyday objects where panoramic landscapes would be the more conventional selection on Venetian island of Burano in Italy.

He has captured the scents of the place quite elegantly whilst staying away from the obvious boats and canals to make a clean, cohesive portfolio, said the awards’ judges. Joshua Holko’s (Australia) winning image in the Wild and Vibrant category captures the magnificent moment a polar bear looks up while consuming a recent kill, its bloodied face as well as the deep red-colored carcass of a seal standing out vividly against the white fur and snow.