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Mar 14

Photographer’s presentation

Woodbury County Conservation Foundation is all set to arrange columnist and wildlife photographer Larry Myhre on Jan. 26, Sunday, at 2 pm at Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center for a show spotlighting images and stories of their region’s wildlife. Larry has been an outdoor columnist for Sioux City Journal (newspaper with circulation in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota) for the last forty years.

Larry, a journalism graduate from University of South Dakota, started working at Journal in the year 1966 as a journalist. He retired as an editor in the year 2007 following 18 years at place. At present, he serves as outdoors editor for Journal, creating a full page of outdoor news in the paper on Thursday as well as the paper’s outdoor site.

Larry is one of 6 architects and also writes and edits for Journal’s bimonthly tabloid named – Siouxland Outdoors that is circulated for free in the circulation region of the journal. For the last thirty six years, he has been a member of Outdoor Writers Association of America and he is a member of Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers.

Larry Myhre is affiliated with a publishing and television production company named Outdoorsmen Productions headed by Gary Howey at Hartington in Nebraska. He works as a co-host and cameraman on the Outdoorsmen Adventures television program.

He has published Great Plains Game and Fish, Fly Fisherman, Fins and Feathers, Iowa Game and Fish, Outdoor Life and Fur-Fish-Game magazine as a freelance writer.

The event coincides with the Meeting of the Woodbury County Conservation Foundation and it if free for public.

Oct 13

Rouse brings life in animal snaps

Andy Rouse, a well known wildlife photographer, is getting into an event in Leeds which promises to be a total wild affair. Andy Rouse will appear at the Carriageworks arts complex of the city later this year along with a program with a collection of his magnificent wildlife snaps.

The award winning photographer will speak regarding his noteworthy experiences of taking snaps of animals such as gorillas, cheetahs and bears. His show named Wild About Animals will also have a thought triggering segment on Madagascar’s endangered rainforests.

While speaking to a local newspaper, Andy Rouse told that his shows are a mix of his award winning photographs, anecdotes as well as irreverent chat and musical sequences set to toe tapping music and fun videos. He added that his target is to inspire other people to love the nature like him.

Andy Rouse has a very proud record in BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest, winning 9 awards in the just 7 years. Andy is also the present holder of Cherry Kearton title, from Royal Geographical Society, for wildlife photography.

He has already released 18 books. He has raised thousands of pounds for gorilla and tiger conservation programs. Rouse’s earlier shows had taken in places like United States, Germany, New Zealand and France.

Wild About Animals will be staged in Millennium Square-based Carriageworks’s main auditorium at the on 20th November, Wednesday.

Aug 13

Museum to host presidential photography

Dealey Plaza’s Sixth Floor Museum will show the work of presidential photographers in a very special exhibit event called – The American President: Photographs from the Archives of The Associated Press. The exhibit will start from 18th Aug. And will go on till 27th Oct.

The American President features seventy-one snaps clicked by Associated Press photographers over the last hundred years. There are 7 pictures of President John F. Kennedy – from his arrival at Democratic National Convention in the eyar 1960 to his coffin in US Capitol rotunda.

A highlight of the event includes Paul Vathis’ Pulitzer Prize-winning snap of Kennedy consulting gravely with Dwight D. Eisenhower at Camp David following Bay of Pigs invasion in the year 1961.

The American President event has been touring libraries, universities and museums throughout the US since 2012. The exhibit, which is now on the tour, was fixed up by Smith Kramer Traveling Exhibitions of Kansas City.
The Sixth Floor is arranging the event as part of its commemoration of 50th anniversary of the assassination of Kennedy on 22nd Nov, 1963.

The United States President is included with paid admission to Sixth Floor Museum that is US$ 16 for adults, US$ 14 for seniors aged 65 and over, US$ 13 for youth aged 6 to 18, and US$ 5 for children. To know more, you can call at 214-747-6660 or you can visit Sixth Floor Museum is at 411 Elm Street.

Jun 13

Controversy over wedding photograph

The leading organization representing professional photographers of Australia has apologized to one of their members after they accused him on Facebook of using professional actors to set up a marriage photograph to enter in a contest. In fact, the newly married couple who featured in the snap outside the Sydney’s Luna Park were actually actors.

People probably have seen the couple – bride Stephanie Delaney and groom Anthony Harkin – in different stage productions. But the couple had genuinely got married and were hamming it up for a snap on their marriage day when Jonas Peterson, a photographer, snapped them in the year 2010.

Therein lies yet another problem that has scarred Australian Institute of Professional Photography Queensland awards this year, handed out at a ceremony on Monday night in Brisbane. The snap in question was clicked in 2010, around 6 months outside the 2 year cut off date mentoned in the competition’s rules.

Jonas, a Brisbane based photographer who covers marriages both in Australia as well as overseas, stated that he had not read the contest’s rules in their entirety and that he had made a mistake by offering an old snap that was  actually not eligible for the awards. Jonas was stripped of the Queensland’s Wedding Photographer of the Year title on Tuesday, one day after the event.

But he told that he was not ready for the accusations that were posted on Australian Institute of Professional Photography’s Facebook page by national president Kylie Lyons which suggested that he might have cheated.

Mar 13

Florian Schulz: a conservationist and wildlife photographer

Florian Schulz love two things. First things p- he loves wildlife photography; and second – he is equally dedicated to preserving wildlife habitat. His passions took him to the Arctic adventure where he spent around 18 months in search of magnificent pictures documenting life in each season. Now the result of his adventure is the book named “To the Arctic” that is the companion to IMAX film of the same name.

In order to click the best pictures, Florian camped on Arctic’s frozen ocean.  He also took services of a very experienced pilot who was able bank the plane at the right angle to get the perfect shot and also pull out just in right time to avoid disaster.

Schulz now has an ongoing program called – “Freedom to Roam,” that seeks to preserve the wildlife corridors. He told that keeping habitat connected, mainly with a changing weather where species are going in elevation and also north. It is the single most important effort if they want to keep biodiversity around.

Florian Schulz was there in St. Louis to talk at an event that was sponsored by St. Louis Zoo, the Academy of Science – St. Louis as well as the Alaska Wilderness League.  Florian was Steve Potter’s guest at the “Cityscape” to talk about his conservation efforts, photography and his Arctic and Freedom to Roam programs.

Jun 12

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Jun 12

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