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Feb 15

Ogden photography fest concentrates on bringing out the static image

In an attempt to expose Ogden community to photography’s art form, Whitespace art gallery is arranging the first ever Focus Fest on 6th February.

Whitespace founder and manager Scott Patria told that the festival is meant to work as a bridge between the Sundance and Banff fests.

Patria told that they are attempting to make folks aware of both an art form and venues. There is a critical mass here of galleries and organizations they want to get people to see them. The Focus Fest would take place in conjunction with First Friday Art Stroll and is bought at by Only in Ogden. A grant from Ogden City Arts is also making the festival possible.

Only in Ogden owner Bryan Smith said that photography has a way of shining the light on the community in a way it might not have been shined before. Smith told that Only in Ogden was attracted to the whole idea of sponsoring Focus Fest because of how involved the business is with the community as it associates to photographic imagery. Continue reading →

Oct 14

4 Wedding Photography Tips | Digital Cameras

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May 14

Camera Top Tips for Food Photography! + best compact digital camera,camera for beginner photography

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Apr 13

Jacquemin speaks about his photography career

Soft rays of sun surge via the evergreen boughs, and just a look is enough to thrill photographer Tom Jacquemin and for him every picture is a memory, it is a time capsule of history, place and emotion. Sixty-nine year old Tom has been tinkering with different cameras for the past fifty five years. His love with film begun in the year 1957 at the Leland Jr. High in Bethesda when Jacquemin took a darkroom photography class. Film as well as other equipments were very expensive, but Tom’s father gave him a new camera anyway, helping his son’s new love. His hobby evolved further when he turned into a photographer for hisnewspaper and yearbook of high school.

But tom did not selected photography as his career. Instead, tom took an elementary education degree as well as taught in southern Oregon for 9 long years. Eventually, he turned to counseling that he practiced for twenty one years in Sherwood elementary as well as middle schools.

That time photography took a backseat, but Tom never let go of his camera. When tom retired in the late 1990s, he started selling his photography work at the farmers markets. Tom told that when someone would come look at his snaps photos, he would ask them if they really wanted to listen to the story why he took it. This allowed him to share some of his story and for them to tell him part of theirs, if they wanted.

Apr 13

Composition and Framing Tips | Digital Photography Lessons

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Feb 13

2013 British Wildlife Photography Awards

Oh yes, you are right, It is BWPA time once again. It suggests that this is really an ideal time to excuse yourself from your busy work schedule and go out with with your camera to hold some magnificent moments of the natural world in the United Kingdom – starting from fields to forests to skies and seas.

British Wildlife Photography Awards of this year started on 1st February, and this is not just a scope to win a prestigious photography title, but also a 1st prize of £ 5000 cash as well as among other prizes on offer. Commended entrants and winners will also have their pictures showcased in a touring exhibit and later in the year a stunning book will also be released.

The BWPA event is open to all shoutterbugs practising in the United Kingdom, professional or amateur. This year there are twelve categories, including two new: one is ‘Botanical Britain’ that specifically focusing on algae, trees, plants, fungi and flowers; and the other one is ‘Natural Details’ that is all about feting nature’s beauty up close.

Specific awards will also be given to young photographers, and again there is a video section too. And the WWF is also happy to be one of the sponsors of the British Wildlife Photography Awards again this year.

Full details about all categories, how to enter, the prizes, be found on the British Wildlife Photography Awards website. 4th May is the closing date for entries.

Jan 13

Wildlife photography made easy

Rhona Anderson, an amateur wildlife photographer, will help aspiring photographers in a wildlife photography workshop that will take place at the Kailzie Gardens, Peebles on 2nd December on Sunday.

The beginners’ program is actually a part of KLAWED project that targets to boost people to relish the regions’ wildlife, as well as raising their engagement with flora and fauna with photography and film at the same time.

Rachel McAleese, the project officer told that a lot of people would love wildlife photography, but they are scared about the fact that it would be technical and expensive. KLAWED program look to make this more affordable and accusable for everyone. The focus of the whole project would be on photography.

Sunday’s program will look at staging field craft, composition, shots as well as cheap ways to click better pictures; whereas the 2nd program – Wildlife Photography for DSLR’s and Improvers, on 8th December on Saturday – will have a more technical approach. The 2nd program will be led by Steve Sloane, an award winning photographer.

A photographer form Waseca recently told that her inspiration for photography was her dad. When she was just 9 years old, her dad would take snaps and develop those pictures in the dark room. Since that point of time she always wanted to take pictures like her dad. Her dad’s favorite was flowers whereas her favorite was sunsets. After her dad paseed away, her mother gave her all her dad’s photography albums.

Dec 12

Wildlife snaps featured at Faire event

Comox Valley’s well known conservationist and photographer Steve Williamson is the featured artist of this year’s Charles Dickens Christmas Craft Faire. He appends a whole lot of time working at the BC coast. When he gets time, he also works with the eco-tourism industry as well as the conservation charities.

Working with these establishments has served him to see numerous beautiful sites as well as wildlife demonstrated in his snaps. It has also let him to know several things about the beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife he was watching, while being able to offer back something to the environment and also the region he was working.

Steve is also a bear viewing guide and had guided several tours to see and capture wildlife. Today, photographing region’s wildlife and working for the betterment of the region has turned into his passion.
In October, Steve has became the winner for BC-SPCA Wild ARC 2012 Wildlife in Focus photography contest’s ‘Wild Settings’ category’s winner for his snap ‘Out Fishing’ that shows a grizzly bear coming after salmon.

Recently, he was launched from a trip working in the bush where he got numerous scopes to capture a wide variety of wildlife including birds, bears and wolves as well as dolphin, orca and whales.

In mid 2011, he unveiled his book called ‘Encounters!: The Wonders of British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest’. It is a hundred page book featuring some great pictures he took along the BC coast. The book can be ordered online at

Nov 12

Photography competition at University of Queensland

After a photography competition held in the University of Queensland, the Dept of school of Political Science and International studies are ready to announce the winners of the competition. The results will be announced at an award ceremony on Wednesday.

Dr. Matt McDonald, chairman of the School’s Engagement Committee said that the competition which even includes a film category pulled some of the best field of entries. This photographic competition is celebrating its four year. Mr. Donald was happy to inform us that the standard of entries has raised a lot.

The photographs that are clicked by the photographers are being clicked in several countries worldwide. Each and every pic displays an inimitable reflection of life from the distressing to the sanguine. The competition focuses on demonstrating the interest which the students and staff at UQ have especially in the global issues.

Nowadays the school has an overall compilation of 40 photographs, all of which are on display along with the earlier entries. If you are really interested, then you can have a quick glance at the selected entries from the competition by visiting the School’s webpage.

First prize for this competition is the Canon EOS 1100 DSLR. The Norac Information and Technology Management will be donating this prize for the winner of this competition. The award ceremony is scheduled to be held at the Student Union Complex of the St. Lucia Campus. The event will start around 6pm. Hopefully; it will be an amazing evening to watch.

Oct 12

Photographer utilizes Facebook to search ‘Last Kiss’ couple

A couple kissing while in handcuffs handed Mo Gelber, a New York photographer, the snap of a lifetime after Facebook searched showed the identities of the lovers.

The lady at the centre of s huge search for 2 outlaw lovebirds clicked by a photographer came forward to show her identity and elevate the hat on her summer of love along with her artist boyfriend.

Alexis Creque reached to the photographer who clicked that magnificent snap via social networking site Facebook to accept that she was the lady who was kissing her handcuffed boyfriend. According to police reports, the name of Alexis’ partner is Russell Murphy (26).

Mo Gelber specializes in street photography. He clicked the snap of the long smooch when he was walking past the court. He entitled the picture Last Kiss and took part in a photography contest. But those who were in charge of the contest, said Mo Gelber that he wanted to be in the contest, then he must get permission from the couple.

He wrote a plea on his FB page asking for the couple to come forward and one of Creque’s friends told her that a photographer is searching for them on Facebook. She messaged Mo, on Thursday, to tell that she is the lady in the picture. The 28 year old Alexis told that she relished a whirlwind romance with Russell Murphy for 5 months. They had crazy summer. It is quite like a movie.