What Digital Camera mag test 6 compact cameras under £200

Electronic Digital camera Rank Video clip Score: 4 / five

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  1. whisperingvenus

    Don’t listen to negative biased ppl. All depends on your needs, i have sony
    dsc-h5 & it’s really great, took it to concerts&everywhere (flash
    compensation’s very useful), it’s a bit bulky but works for me. I’m now
    reviewing Canon’s to get one of those cos i love the quality and also the
    features (color accents), but also waiting for the new fuji with the new
    EXR sensor, so let’s see what happen. As for now i’ll play with my canon
    a590is (it’s only $100 now!) while waiting for the best to come.

  2. i need someone to tell me which is better as a point n shoot camera
    ‘fuji,sony or canon’..please help me guys

  3. fstopfitzgerald

    Very informative. thanx

  4. whisperingvenus

    IMHO all brands have their bad and good models, so either one of those
    you’ve mentioned, you just have to look up for the reviews and do your
    homework first. My suggestion for Fuji : F40FD, it’s inexpensive, and great
    pics on low light. Canon : SD990is, those manuals really helpful in the
    long run, and great pics! Sony : get the old dsc-h5 .. trust me, if you
    don’t care of it being bulky, it takes great pics and really really
    (seriously) great video with zooming capabilities with amazing sound!