Wildlife photography made easy

Rhona Anderson, an amateur wildlife photographer, will help aspiring photographers in a wildlife photography workshop that will take place at the Kailzie Gardens, Peebles on 2nd December on Sunday.

The beginners’ program is actually a part of KLAWED project that targets to boost people to relish the regions’ wildlife, as well as raising their engagement with flora and fauna with photography and film at the same time.

Rachel McAleese, the project officer told that a lot of people would love wildlife photography, but they are scared about the fact that it would be technical and expensive. KLAWED program look to make this more affordable and accusable for everyone. The focus of the whole project would be on photography.

Sunday’s program will look at staging field craft, composition, shots as well as cheap ways to click better pictures; whereas the 2nd program – Wildlife Photography for DSLR’s and Improvers, on 8th December on Saturday – will have a more technical approach. The 2nd program will be led by Steve Sloane, an award winning photographer.

A photographer form Waseca recently told that her inspiration for photography was her dad. When she was just 9 years old, her dad would take snaps and develop those pictures in the dark room. Since that point of time she always wanted to take pictures like her dad. Her dad’s favorite was flowers whereas her favorite was sunsets. After her dad paseed away, her mother gave her all her dad’s photography albums.


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