Winter wildlife photography in Japan

While snow monkeys are one of the fascinating varieties of monkeys to be found in Japan. This is probably the reason why photographers visit this country during winter as this is the perfect time to click Japans wildlife. This is the time of year when all migrating bird species including swans, eagles and red-crowned cranes migrate to Japan from south Asia. The magnificent looking bird come and gathers in many accessible locations.

In winter, the snow monkeys come down from the hill and mountain regions and gather around hot springs. Wildlife snaps can also be a bit dramatic along with the stern beauty of snow on the natural scenery.

Japan has a population of approximately hundred and twenty five million people. Therefore, clicking snaps photographing the wildlife of this country is not like going remote locations in Antarctica, or Alaska.

Several international airlines have daily flights from top cities to the Narita international airport in Tokyo. Narita is over 1 hour away from the city center by train. From there, there are several other transports that can efficiently take people wherever they need to go.

This is 12th annual event of the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography is all set to start. The show concentrates on a brand new theme or aspect of contemporary Japanese photography. The event asked photographers to take the streets this time, and were even joined by a guy who works as an architect in inverness.

The photographers showed in this exhibit do not just click the aesthetic of highways and roads, but rather use the idea of a road as a means to look at the world and peoples place within this.


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