World’s First Waterproof Camera Group Test

Electronic Digicam Rank Video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. monkeymaniac92

    thats one of the hottest as hell models DRTV has hired..

  2. its now worlds 1st water proof camera  asshole

  3. 1) Stop Download
    2) You’re Welcome

  4. There’s got to be SOME reason why this video has so many more views than the others….. but I just can’t quite put my finger o[i]n it…..

  5. hey guys!! check my photography in watch?v=XYBkf6eE9oY

  6. 1) Take note of MutatedSushi’s top comment
    2) Go to another video

  7. Pieter Batenburg

    what a tough and rotten job you have.LOL

  8. 9djhighvotage9

    1) Stop Download.
    2) Profit.

  9. great review and excellent idea using that model. I sat thru the entire thing! thanks to her. lol

  10. 1:16 giggity

  11. 7:03 dat ass!

  12. A juicy contradiction.

  13. I uhhh… I came for the boobs.

  14. shoot her with a DSLR I wanna see that in HD

  15. Christian Bowers

    We all no why we clicked this vid

  16. InventorSolidworks

    I’ll take the model because she’s always SHARP and you can easily focus on HER ( . ) ( . ) and other stuff as well. Cheers!

  17. Kaipeternicolas


  18. “Doesn’t matter, it’s a point and shoot.”
    -As I would always say haha.

  19. thatapplegeek

    “It’ll focus on the face even if there are other distractions in the shot.” Haha

  20. BrianMcKenna2


  21. dqpeacefulness

    1.15 for camel toe

  22. MisterWhoreungfilms

    he got a boner ^^

  23. MrHappyStacker

    You forgot Kodak Playsport zx5..